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How to Beat the Heat in Ottawa this Summer

June 25, 2018

With long hot summer days upon us and with more to come, it is all to tempting to get out of the office early and take the family out to enjoy the City and the all that it has to offer � plenty of pools, splash pads, beaches and parks are at our doorstep for us and our families to enjoy.

While summer fun is a must for you and the kids, it is important to remain cool, especially when the temperatures soar. When the temperature and humidity are high, we all need to be cautious and make an added effort to help our bodies stay cool. Ottawa Public Health and the City of Ottawa have a heat warning system in place that has been newly updated for Summer 2018. In Ottawa, a heat warning is issued when the temperatures are expected to be warmer than 31°C or a humidity value of 40°C are expected for two or more days. Look to the City of Ottawa during particularly hot days for these types of warnings and what you can do to stay cool.

So, during these hot and humid days what are some of the fun ways to keep yourself and your family cool?

Go for a swim! Ottawa has a multitude of outdoor and indoor pools that are open to the public. If a heat warning is issued all lanes in Ottawa pools are converted to leisure swim status to ensure access to you and your family. Click here for pool location information.

Hit the beach! Ottawa is blessed with some beautiful beaches. From Britannia to Mooney�s Bay you can get daily swim status information here.

Try some quite time�If swimming isn�t your thing there are still options for you and your family. Ottawa has plenty of public library and community center options in neighborhoods across the city. For library location information click here.

  • Whatever the activity you choose to enjoy try these quick tips to staying cool:
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
  • Avoid prolonged, heavy, outdoor physical activity
  • Dress appropriately by wearing a hat, light and loose clothing and plenty of sunscreen. 


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