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PPTS is hiring graduates from Ottawa area paramedic programs and making new investments in training and equipment

October 24, 2018

Ottawa is home to some of the region's top rated paramedic programs and PPTS is committed to hiring and training our city's top paramedical talent.

Algonquin College and La Cité Collégiale in Ottawa both offer leading courses where students have the opportunity to learn from seasoned experts, receiving a top tier education in all aspects of pre-hospital emergency medicine. Graduates are well equipped for success in the field, and have had a 100% pass rate on Provincial exams over the past ten years.[1] These courses offered in both English and French instruction take place over two years and teach valuable medical and traumatic emergency skills as well as instill leadership and compassion in tomorrow's paramedic professionals.

Hiring local graduates and offering them an opportunity to grow and apply their skills with real people in the real world is only part of the reason we do this says Debra Szirtes, President of PPTS. Another obvious reason is that these are the best people for the job, they come out of these programs ready and able to offer the highest quality of care.

The learning and training doesn't stop there. PPTS prides its self on a culture of continuous improvement. Supervisors are constantly running training programs to improve first aid and CPR skills, as well as conducting regular emergency training drills and non-violent conflict resolution practices, says Szirtes.    

Standards for PPTS equipment and vehicles are no different. A new fleet of vehicles offer unmatched comfort and safety for patients and a new dispatch program ensure attendants and supervisors are able to respond to calls more quickly and efficiently.

The commitment to local paramedic graduates, training and top of the line equipment are just some of the ways that PPTS remains focused on offering the highest quality of care to people throughout Ottawa and Ontario.  

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