Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the average transfer cost?

Priority does both local and long distance transfers, each transfer is unique to the indiviual, there are many variables to consider  please call our 24 hour dispatch for your personnal quote.

2. How far ahead do I need to book a transfer?

Priority’s 24hr dispatch service is ready to arrange your, or a loved ones, transfer at any time of day or night. We ask that you book 24hrs in advance, but will try our best to fit you in any time that we can.

3. What information should I provide when requesting a transfer?

Please let Priority know about any medical or support requirements – e.g. wheelchair or oxygen requests etc. – when you request your transfer. Also, let us know about anything that may affect your transfer – e.g. difficult parking restrictions, stairs or any pets or family members we should consider.

4. Can someone, a family member or friend, escort me during my transfer? Is there an additional cost for the extra people?

Yes, Priority has room in all of its vehicles for at least two escorts.

No, there is no additional cost for this service.