Priority Patient Transfer Introduces a New Resource for Hospitals

April 15, 2019

Priority Patient Transfer Introduces a New Resource for Hospitals

Priority Patient Transfer Service is proud to announce that a new Patient Transfer Coordinator position has been developed and is now being deployed to various facilities and institutions throughout the Ottawa region and Champlain LHIN, in order to support clients with patient transfers. Robin Wilkinson, a supervisor with Priority, is now being deployed throughout the system to facilitate the patient transfer experience, by supporting hospital staff in bookings, collecting feedback from departments and providing additional resources for completing paperwork and assisting with pick-ups and drop-offs. Robin will apply extensive experience in the patient transfer process and will act as an effective mobile resource, connected to our central dispatch, in order to address potential bottlenecks or delays in the healthcare transportation system, on behalf of Priority.

Our company is making it a Priority to provide facility staff with on-site training, education about our services and how to optimize patient transfer bookings and provide the most cost- effective solutions for transportation. We are committed to ensuring patients receive the most effective transportation experience possible, while maximizing bed turns and supporting hospitals to reduce ALC rates.

We are excited to see Robin introduce himself to hospital staff, over the coming months, and provide a meaningful impact on the transfer experience.

Priority Patient Transfer has always been at the forefront of providing comfort and top-rated non-urgent transportation and care to its clients. As one of the first in the region to invest in a fleet of modern, purpose-built vehicles containing quality systems and technology, we have always made it a Priority to invest in our fleet and staff, to bring the safest and most responsive service to our clients and support of the healthcare system.

For more information about our new Patient Transfer Coordinator position and how they can assist your facility’s patient transfer needs, or to book a transfer, please call 1-866-561-7787.